Welcome to the Virginia Coastal Fly Angler's Club...A Saltwater Fly Fishing club in Virginia Beach, VA serving the Tidewater Area of Hampton Roads.

The mentoring program has been discussed by club members for several years. It is a program that is designed to benefit everyone WITHOUT COSTING ANYTHING. The program will be a work in progress and is designed to develop a better level of fly fishing skills among the Virginia Coastal Fly Anglers membership. There are two main objectives of this program, first to ascertain the needs of each interested person as to their availability, skill level, and desire to take others fishing. Also, the process will determine the best method of contacting participants and pairing them up with those desiring to improve their skills. The second objective is to make the program available to all members and pair those with particular needs to those who can help them.

We will gather information on the questionnaire to be found on this website. The completed questionnaires will be used to make a database that will pair the needs and interest of our members to those who have already achieved experience and success in fly fishing. In addition to improving our skills as individuals and a club, we also hope the program will foster friendships and partners to get more of us out fishing and encourage new memberships.

We would dedicate a special section of the forum for the fishing partners, those looking for someone to join them in a boat. The person going fishing can post the date and time frame of the trip and those who wish to go can respond. Those looking to go with someone can ask or answer the call.

The mentoring program can be developed to help those with specific needs in fly fishing, casting, "how to" and "where to fish". We can put extra effort toward new club members to get them excited about the club, but also encourage existing members to participate to get them more involved.

If you are interested in being a part of the program, see the accompanying forms and fill out the appropriate one for you. Download Form, Complete and Email to VirginiaCoastalFlyAnglers@gmail.com, or snail mail it to our P.O. Box.

Mentor Questionnaire Form

Mentoree Questionnaire Form


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